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Special Offers!

Save £375 off a 40 hour driving course!

The normal price of a 40 hour course is £1375, but if you are booking for September - December 2018, we can offer you this course for just £999!

Saving a huge £375!

Manual cars only in SO , GU or PO postcodes. T's and C's apply.


in the unlikley event that you fail, we will pay for one more attempt free of charge!

Only valid for courses booked before December 2018

Pass FASTER!image

What we do is make your life easier, improve your social life, job prospects and just make life a whole lot easier!

We offer intensive driving courses that start from an 12 Hour Course or those that may have just failed a test, right up to our 40 Hour total novice course.

We now offer the option to do between 1 and 6 hours per day. You can do this every day, every other day, around your work and childcare needs or really whenever you need to drive. It's totally up to you! Just select the options when you book online or speak to Chloe in our office.

The details listed with our courses are just a guide. Most people do 4 hours a day, however you do not have to do this. You could do 2 hours a day, 3 hours a day or simple fit the lessons in around your job or studies. YOU tell us what you need!

All courses have a test at the end and this is included in your price. Your test will be on the last day of your course.... GUARANTEED!

Get a better job*

Employers need people who can drive and not having a driving licence excludes you from many jobs. The civil service, NHS, Police and Military now require you to have a licence. The jobs you cannot get are the better paid jobs, so invest in your future and learn to drive with Bumpers!

No Theory ? No Problem!

The whole idea of an Intensive course is to have a test waiting for you at the end. So we cannot confirm a Intensive course without you having passed a Theory Test. So here is what you do...

1. Pay a course deposit of £335 and let us book you a Theory Test . This includes access to Theory Test Pro, to get you ready for the test! The normal charge for Theory Test Pro is £17.99, but it's yours for FREE!

2. We book you a Theory Test and when you have passed, we will book you a driving test and then calculate your course start date backwards from there.

3. You get a guaranteed driving test date at the end of your course! Please call to book.

Get Your Licence FAST!

Bumpers will help you get your driving licence fast - we do this with our intensive driving courses for people who want to pass their driving test quickly.. We cover most areas of the UK, using a network of fully qualified driving instructors who specialise in intensive driver training.

14 Months or 7 Days ?

A Driving Licence - is one of the most important qualifications you will ever take. It's life changing and makes a huge difference to your life.

Traditionally most people took driving lessons weekly and took about a year or so to pass. But times have changed and you need to pass faster than that, employers demand it.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) say that most people need about 45 hours to pass a driving test. Most peole take a one hour lesson per week, take off Christmas and Holidays etc, and you can see why most peoples lessons drag on for months on end!

We offer you a WAY OUT of this with a fantastic range of Intensive Crash Driving Courses in most of the UK with fully qualified driving instructors in your local area, and with a test at the end of your course! An intensive driving course will help you to pass faster.

How we see it...

You have probably looked at a other websites, looked at pass rates and "guaranteed passes" and so on. It all sounds lovely but no one can guarantee a pass and pass rates are not an indication of your chances. So what shall we say instead?

Well, we will teach you to pass your driving test as quickly as we can. We don't drive you around for 6 or 8 hours a day as that simply doesnt work. So, we will do courses the right way and get you to test standard as quickly as we can. That generally means about 4 hours a day!

We will also use fully qualified instructors that we know and trust. We will also make sure they do a great job with your course.

We can guarantee one thing, and that is having the ability to drive makes your job prospects better, your social life better and it's a skill for life and improves the quality of your life.

We are here to help you pass and make your life a lot easier.

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