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Canterbury - Intensive Driving Couses

Pass in a WEEK, not 14 Months!

The traditional way of taking driving lessons has been an hour or two lessons a week and then when your driving instructor feels you are ready to take your test you apply. As you get nearer to your test date then the number of lessons you take will probably increase. This does work for a lot of people but it can take months and even a year plus to get to your test date.

With Bumpers Intensive Driving Courses we advise you when the next available driving test is in the Canterbury area and then work backwards to calculate how many hours you need to undertake an intensive driving course.

With Bumpers Intensive Driving Courses you are in control as you decide whether to have 4 hours, 3 hours or 2 hours driving lessons it is whatever best works for you!

By booking an Intensive Driving Course, you will pass much, much faster than learning weekly.

Test at the end of your course!

The Bumpers Intensive Driving Course ensures you have a test at the end of your lesson period with no gaps and you know when your test date is before you start your driving lessons with us.

We can get you an earlier test!

If you look at the DVSA website, the wait for a test will be at least 6 weeks. This is very frustrating if you need to pass fast! So talk to us and we can help!

We GUARANTEE we can get you an earlier test! If we can't, we will pay your test fee!

We find that our intensive driving courses increase your ease of learning to drive and with having a regular daily lesson reduces the time in having to go over areas you would have learnt in the previous lesson.

We teach you to drive not just to pass a test!

Automatic Intensive Driving Courses

Automatic courses are available in Canterbury but availability is limited and they are often booked 4 months in advance. If you want automatic, please contact us as soon as possible.

Pass in a WEEK not 14 months!

Don't wait months on end to pass your test with weekly lessons. Learn to drive the modern way!

Canterbury Driving Test

The "driving test" is actually in 3 parts:

1.The Theory Test - 50 questions based on the Highway Code and a Hazard Perception element of 14 video clips. This lasts an hour. You need to have passed this test in order to book a driving test. We can book this for you, just let us know when you call and we give you FREE access to the amazing Theory Test Pro.

2. Show Me, Tell Me Questions - There are 12 "Show Me, Tell Me" questions, and you will be asked 2! So, please do not worry about this as your driving instructor will help you. There is a printable PDF of these question on the right hand side of this page. You will not fail a test if you get these wrong.

3. The Driving Test - 38 minutes long with a 10 minute independent drive in the middle. Independent driving is nothing to worry about, you just follow the signs to a particular location. Your instructor will know these and explain in detail how to do the routes correctly.

The new driving test. Plans are in place to change the driving test. It may include following a Sat Nav and reversing around a corner on the wrong side of the road. Do not worry about this. You will be taught how to drive to handle any scenario not just to pass a test.

 Your Local Driving Test Centre - Canterbury Driving Test Centre

Test centres are normally located around busy urban and rural roads where bends may be difficult to navigate due to oncoming vehicles. Small residential roads often feature on the driving test to give the driving examiner an understanding of your ability to deal with oncoming vehicles on narrow lanes. Bournemouth has a lot of "A" class roads and some dual carriageways, so an understanding of speed limits is vital. Make sure you are happy with speeds.

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Your Driving Test

Things you need to know...

Driving Licence

You must take your driving licence with you.

You do not need the counterpart paper section of your licence as this has been abolished.

Just take your photocard. If you have your Theory Test Certificate, take it. If not, don't worry as they never normally ask!

Show Me, Tell Me Questions

You’ll be asked 2 vehicle safety questions at the start of your car driving test. These are also known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions.

The examiner will ask you:

One ‘show me’ question, where you have to show them how you’d carry out a check,

One ‘tell me’ question, where you have to explain how you’d carry out the check

Show Me, Tell Me Questions PDF Format - Click to Download

If You FAIL!

You will get one of these forms. The examiner will explain clearly what went wrong.

You are allowed 15 minor faults, no serious faults and no dangerous faults.

If You PASS!

You will get one of these and an explanation of how your test went.

After You Pass!

When you pass your driving test you are on "probation" for two years.

If you get 6 penalty points within a 2 year period of passing your driving test you will have to start again from scratch.

You will have to re take your Theory Test and your Driving Test.

When you get your licence back you will have 6 points on it and the insurance will be many thousands of pounds..

Penalty Points.

Penalty points are awarded by the courts if you commit any driving offences.

You get 3 points for speeding!

You get 6 points for using a "hand held" mobile phone or "hand held" device whilst "driving".

Please note the penalty points for phone use increase from 3 points to 6 on the 1st March 2017.

"driving" basically means when you have the car keys in your ignition. You CANNOT check your Text messages at traffic lights!

Click HERE for more information.


Depending on your age, this can cost anything from £200 right up to 4000 depending on the car you have and your age.

As a beginner car, why not pick a smaller engine on a vehicle like a Fiesta, Clio, Swift etc. These are typical starter cars and attract the lowest premiums.


Having a "Black Box" fitted is a great idea and can reduce your insurance costs by 50%

Good Luck!

Driving is FREEDOM. Being able to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Good Luck with your driving and most of all, enjoy it and be SAFE!  "It's Better with Bumpers!"