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Automatic Intensive Driving Courses

Why Automatic?Traffic Lights

There are benefits of automatic driving lessons 
If you are just in the process of deciding whether to take an automatic driving course we have put together some of the reasons why previous pupils decided that the automatic option was best for them. 
More confidence - no stalling the car or rolling back on hills  
Less distraction - no clutch or gear lever to coordinate  
More time - to concentrate on controlling the vehicle  
More time to develop judgement of speed and steering skills  
More time available to concentrate on reading the road  
Learn faster - get to test standard more quickly  
Less tiring - better suited to the stop/start of town and city driving  
Overall it costs less to learn to drive in an automatic than a manual  

Stress free learning 

For most people learning how to use the clutch, gears and accelerator together are very stressful. Get it wrong and you either stall, bunny hop across the road or the car starts rolling backwards.
This fear creates anxiety and distracts the pupil from taking in the wider aspects of what is going on around them in the car. It also creates uncertainty in their decision making process for fear of what can happen if they get it wrong! 
The good news is that with an automatic car this aspect of learning to drive is completely removed leaving the pupil to give their full attention to what is happening around them whilst increasing their confidence in their decision making at the same time.
This removes much of the stress and anxiety of the learning process and develops their driving confidence much more quickly. 
Nervous drivers 
We have had many nervous drivers who have come to us who have found that the fear factor of coordinating the clutch, accelerator and gear selection is just too much for them. In addition they have found our patient and understanding approach a help in trying to overcome their driving fears and gain their driving confidence. 
Pupils learning or relearning later on in life 
We have many pupils between the ages of 35 and 60+ who weren’t able to learn to drive when they were younger but have found it either more affordable as they have got older, or their circumstances have changed making it necessary for them to be more independently mobile.
Remember learning to drive is not exclusively for the young. Anybody can learn to drive with the right help and support from an experienced driving instructor.

Automatic Intensive Driving Courses

At the moment Bumpers offers Automatic Intensive Driving Courses in :

Southampton - All of our driving courses have an automatic option in Southampton.

Winchester - Semi Intensive Automatic courses available.

Portsmouth - Semi Intensive automatic courses.

Bournemouth - Fully intensive courses available, both non residential and residential. Come and stay with us!

CE, TN and ME Postcodes - Fully intensive courses available.

CM, SG and EN Postcodes - Fully intensive courses available.

DN35, DN32, LN11 and LN12 Postcodes - Fully intensive courses available.

Residential Courses in Bournemouth

Due to the nationwide shortage of Automatic driving courses, we now offer a residential option in Bournemouth.

Normally conducted Monday to Friday, our expert instructors will help you pass your driving test in this stunning Dorset setting.

Accommodation is at a well trusted local hotel offering B & B.

If this interests you, please give us a call.

Availability! BOOK NOW!

As you have probably already found out, automatic driving courses are RARE!

Please book early!

We STRONGLY suggest that you book 4 - 6 months before you want your course, otherwise there is a very high chance you won't get one at all.

A small deposit secures any course.