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Southampton Test RoutesTraffic Lights

The most recent test routes available are from 2006, they are no longer published by the DSA. These are historic documents so some of the information may be out of date.

Forest Hills Test Routes

Forest Hills - Routes 1-5.

Forest Hills - Routes 6-10.

Forest Hills - Routes 11-15a.

Forest Hills Extended Routes

Test Centre Information:

The test centre is on Forest Hills Drive.

Maybush Test Routes

Maybush Test Routes 1-5

Maybush Test Routes 6-10

Maybush Test Routes 11-15

Maybush Test Routes16 -17

Maybush Test Centre Info:

The Test centre is in Green Lane, Southampton.


Portsmouth Test Routes.

Portsmouth Test Routes.

Portsmouth Car Routes 1-5

Portsmout Car Routes 6-10

Portsmouth Car Routes 11-15

Portsmouth Car Routes 16 - 20

Portsmouth Car Routes 21-24

Portsmouth Test Centre Info:

The test centre is on James Callaghan Drive

Lee on the Solent Test Routes

Lee Car Routes 1-5

Lee Car Routes 6-10

Lee Car Routes 11-15a

Lee Test Centre Info:

The Centre is on HMS Daedalus

Winchester Test Routes

 Winchester Test Routes

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 Winchester Car Routes 1-5.

Wincheser Car Routes 6-10.

Winchester Car Routes 11-15

Test centre information:

The test centre is located on Christchurch Road.