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Quick PassThe easiest way to book your lessons or course is to call our booking centre.

We will advise you of our availability and test slots before asking for any deposit.

We will be able to give you a test date and time before you hang up!

We guarantee that you won't be dissapointed, so book now!

If you are an instructor, we need you!

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Buyer Beware

There are a lot of "Intensive Driving Schools" on the internet, some offering amazing prices. What they don't tell you is that there may not be a test at the end of your course and if there is a test, it may well be 70 miles away from where you learnt to drive...

Also, the instructor allocated to you may be an independent instructor. So you would need to deal with the instructor and not the "school" in the event of any disputes. A lot of these "schools" are simply intermediaries who give work to non franchised instructors who they don't know and who may even be an untested trainee.

At Bumpers, we use Bumpers FULLY qualified instructors who know the area. We guarantee you a test at the end of the course and the test will be in the area you learnt to drive in and if there should ever be a problem, call us!

We are proud of our record and proud of our instructors.

Learn to drive properly with Bumpers, your life and your safety come first!

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Intensive Driving Courses Cones

You Want to Pass FAST...

Passing your driving test is a wonderful feeling and with an intensive driving course you will soon be on the road.

Our courses are modified to your needs, in short we will deliver the lessons when you need them.

So if its 6 hours a day through the week, 8 hours a day over the weekend, or even 2 hours a day before or after work, we can arrange the times for you.

Its not just about lessons and driving experience, but we will also teach you how to impress the driving examiner.

They want to see you drive safely, while in control of the car and aware of your surroundings. If you do that, then you will pass.

Contact us today and make your dream of driving come true.

Free Theory Test and Training!

If you have yet to pass a Theory Test, when you pay your deposit, you will receive FREE access to Theory Test Pro, the best theory training software available. You can also use it on your iPhone or Android phone!
Thos normally costs £17.99, it's yours for FREE.

FREE Theory Test

This is available on all our 16, 24, 32, 40 and 48 hour courses - pay your deposit and we will book your Theory Test for you and when you complete the intensive course, we will refund you the £25!

Book an Assesment Lesson!

If you are not sure what course is right for you, why not let us help?

Book an intensive course assesment

How We Do It!

We run our intensive driving courses how they should be run, with an intensive period of training with a test in the training area at the end of the course. Hours range from 4 - 6 hours a day, Sundays off, with scheduled breaks.

If you have passed a Theory Test:

Please call us and our team will tell you the next available test date for the area, then book that test.

We will then work backwards at 4 hours a day to pick a start date agreeable to you. Your instructor is then allocated and lessons can begin.

You are GUARANTEED a test in the same area you were taught in at the end of your course.

Ellie - passed first time inside her
Holidays and over the weekends.

If you haven't passed a Theory Test:

We will take a small deposit and book you the next Theory Test available and give you FREE access to Theory Test Pro, so that you can practice before your test.

Once you have passed your Theory Test we will call you to book in your driving course with a GUARANTEED test at the end.

Pass the right way with Bumpers!

Joseph passed first time around his
University studies and family.