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How to Book?

Quick PassThe easiest way to book your Intensive Crash Driving course is to book online 24/7.

You can select your start date and time, and you can pay online if you want to.

If you are looking for an "Intensive Course" book online, pick your date and we will confirm your booking on the same day and confirm your driving test date and tell you who the instructor is.

Driving test waiting times are about a month, so you could start your lessons on a 40 hour course in 2 weeks time, with a test at the end. Our online booking facility is bang up to date with our instructor availability and pricing.


How Many Hours?

Be honest about your previous experience, and if in doubt book more hours than you may need!

  • If you have never driven you may need 40+ hours over 1 or 2 weeks
  • A Novice, with about 5 hours experience could take 30 to 40 hours over 1 or 2 weeks
  • An Intermediate learner should have 25 to 30 hours over 1 or 2 weeks
  • An Experienced learner, who has done manouvres, could take 15 to 20 hours over 3 to 5 days
  • A Recently failed pupil might find 10 hours over 2 or 3 days is about right.

Spread your payments with weekly or monthly payments at no extra cost.


It's better with Bumpers!

We Use Our Own Instructors!

Book Online 24/7

Intensive Driving Courses Cones

Great Savings on our Intensive Courses


FAST Pass with a intensive driving course in most parts of the UK and pass now!

An intensive driving course can help you to get your full licence sooner than you ever dreamed!

You can choose from a range of intensive driving courses to suit your needs, and all at prices that you'll find hard to beat for training of this standard.

All of our Intensive Driving Courses are designed around you, tell us what you need and we will arrange it for you. Need to pass FAST? No problem at all, let us design the course for you, your budget and your timescale.

Courses can be from 2 days for a 'Failed Test' recovery course, right up to a 10 day 40 hour course for the complete novice.

Let us do everything for you, we can book your theory test and arrange the practical driving test for you also. Let us take the strain and enjoy a relaxing course. A course to freedom! Call our office and she will arrange everything for you.

Great Rates!

What we do know is that there are lots of intensive driving schools around, some offering car sharing and amazing deals.

The truth is that car sharing is probably the worst thing you can do when learning to drive! It may be cheaper, but what price do you put on the safety of your loved ones? It may look cheap, but it may cost you your life!

Driving is a skill for life, let us teach you PROPERLY!

Pass FAST and PAY LESS!!

Intensive driving courses are great value and we teach you to be safe for life, so please talk to us before booking elsewhere. Or, have a look around first and then come back to us. You won't find better value.

Our Own Instructors!

Many "intensive" driving schools are just booking agents for independent instructors, who they have never met or dealt with.

We use Bumpers instructors who have worked with us for years and you can read their testimonials and see who they are and what qualifications they have. We trust our instructors because we know them!

Bumpers is a REAL driving school!

Intensive Crash Driving Courses in Bournemouth

Bumpers intensive driving school can arrange intensive course in Bournemouth and all surrounnding areas!
If you still need to pass both Theory and Practical tests these can also be included in your chosen course.
Bumpers specialise in providing courses that are done within a one to two week period, allowing the driver to complete 3 to 8 hours of lessons a day depending on the course chosen and the drivers requests.
Most of our courses are arranged with the practical test done on the last day of the course, with all the lessons leading up to that day, and all courses being given by a fully qualified instructor. We do not use Trainees.
Even if you still need to pass the theory test, Bumpers intensive driving school makes free online theory help with over 2,500 mock questions and 135 hazard perception clips available to you, to help you pass.
If you’ve got a practical test date of your own, we can simply organise the lessons if that’s what you want.
Bumpers Intensive Driving School can also offer a residential course, this may suit you best if you have already passed your theory test and need to take your driving test quickly even if there is a long waiting period at you local test centre!
Residential? If you are willing to travel we are able to book tests within 14 days in some parts of the country and we’ll make the necessary arrangements for you, although any additional cost for travel and accommodation will need to be met by you. These extra charges depend on the type of accomodation you want and time of year, but vary between £18 - £35 per night. You could turn it into a holiday!
It's easy to choose the right course for you in a few easy steps.
Our online booking system will give you prices and availability for the best course available to you in Bournemouth.
Course arrangements will be determined by the course you pick and will be confirmed with office staff once the deposit has been taken.
To book a course , use the online facility or call us weekdays or Saturdays to pay your deposit by card, and we’ll do the rest.