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The 8 Hour Course, including Driving Test

The 8 Hour Driving Course with a Test

The 8 hour driving course is short and sweet and designed to get you throught a test retake.

Who is this course for?

Choose this course if you have just failed a test with just a few minor faults or maybe you were just unlucky.

To do this course for a retest you should be at test standard with no major faults in your driving. This course is 6 hours of driving and the last 2 hours are used for your test retake.

People booking this course must be able to drive and complete all manouvres without prompting and be able to drive without stalling or speeding.  The short length of this course does not allow for major remedial training.

Due to the shortness of this course, there will not be time to teach you all of the manouvres to the required standard. If this is what you need, please go for a longer course. If you have previously failed a test, we will work on the common mistakes that often fail test candidates as these can be identified and corrected quite easily.
If you are using this as a starting point in your driving career, you will need a much longer course.

Who is this course NOT for?

Please do not book this course if you cannot drive without prompting for at least 30 minutes.
You must be able to drive to a very high standard.
Booking a short course because it is cheaper is false economy as the driving test is of a much higher standard than a few years ago. Driving examiners can easily spot a driver who is not ready.
Course Structure :
The 8 hour Course is normally over 2 days, 4 hours on day one and the remaining 4 hours on the second day including the test.
You don't have to do 4 hours a day, you could do 1 lesson a day over 8 days, 2 hours a day over 4 days and so on. This is decided by you, you decide what suits your life. Courses can even be conducted over a weekend.
Manual or Automatic:
This intensive driving course can be taken in a manual or Automatic car, although auto is only available in Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth at this time.
This course consists of :
• 8 Hours of Driving Lessons and 1 attempt at the driving test.
If you have passed a Theory test :
We will tell you the next available date for a driving test in your area, and confirm a test time when you book.
If you need a Theory Test : 
We will ask for a deposit, book you the next available Theory Test and give you FREE access to Theory Test Pro so that you can study! This software comes complete with iPhone and Android Apps!
On the day of your Theory Test we will call you, and if you have passed we will book the driving element of your course with a GUARANTEED test at the end, in the area you trained in.
Additional Information : 
This course is designed for people who have failed a test before, or maybe as an introduction to driving. It is not suitable for someone who has had limited experience, you should be at test standard with just minor instruction required to get you through a test.
If you wish to use this course to finish of your driver training you will have needed to have done AT LEAST 30 hours of training.
How to Book : 
Please call us direct to book your intensive course on book online.

Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions before booking.

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1. Are the instructors fully qualified?

We only use driving instructors who are fully qualified to DVSA - UK government Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency standards. We never use trainee driving instructors so you can have peace of mind that when you take your crash driving course, it will always be with a fully qualified driving instructor.

2. Do I need to pass my theory test before I book a crash driving course?

You do not need to pass your driving theory test before booking a crash driving course with us (except for the ‘pass my test in a week’ course). You can take driving lessons and your theory test at the same time which is the ideal way to learn how to drive as you will gain valuable practical, real life driving experience when taking your driving lessons which will help you to pass your theory test. However, you cannot book your practical driving test, until you have passed your theory test.

3. Is the cost of the theory test included in the cost of the crash driving course?

The cost of the driving theory test is not included in the crash driving course prices quoted on the web site. The cost to book a theory test is £23.00. We can book the test on your behalf, but the cost will be added to the overall price. Some of our longer courses include a theory but this is stated clearly during booking.

4. Is the cost of the practical driving test included in the cost of the driving course?

The cost of the practical driving test is included in the price of the crash driving course quoted on the web site.

5. Can i pass my driving test in a week with a crash course?

Yes it is possible to pass your driving test in one week but before you can do this you need to pass your driving theory test. Once you have passed your theory test then it is possible to pass your driving test in one week. For more information about how you can pass your driving test in a week contact us.

6. Will I be sharing a car with anyone else when taking my crash driving course?

You will not be car sharing with anyone else. All our crash/intensive courses are conducted on a 1-2-1 basis only so there will only be you and the driving instructor in the training vehicle.

7. How many driving lessons will I need to pass my driving test?

People’s ability to learn to drive is influenced by so many different factors, therefore it is difficult to say exactly how many lessons you will need to pass your test. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) who conduct the UK driving test recommend an average of 45 - 55 hours tuition with an instructor plus 22 hours of private practice tuition, however taking a crash driving course can reduce this considerably as the learning is more intensive.

8. How much does it cost for a crash driving course?

To find out more about the cost of the crash driving courses we offer, please visit the prices page on our web site.

9. How can I find out about the crash driving courses you offer?

To find out more please contact us today on 03300 100 149