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The 32 Hour Course, including a Test

The 32 hour intensive driving course is ideal for a student with around 5-10 hours of tuition with a driving instructor.

32 hour students will normally be able to control the car before commencing this driving course, being able to move off at junctions with confidence.

Roundabouts are now becoming easier, and driving would be in light traffic and starting with heavier traffic.

The driving test manoeuvers would have been started and being practiced. Students should now have an understanding of most traffic signs and road markings and be able to identify them.

This course consists of : 

• 32 Hours of Driving Lessons 

Usual course structure : 

This is the normal structure of this course, but this can be changed to suit you.

Day 1 : 4 Hours of driving.
Day 2 : 4 Hours of driving.
Day 3 : 4 Hours of driving.
Day 4 : 4 Hours of driving.
Day 5 : 4 Hours of driving.
Day 6 : 4 Hours of driving
Day 7 : 4 Hours of driving.
Day 8 : 4 Hours of driving.
Day 9 : 4 Hours of driving with a test

The start day is flexible so this could be done during the week, or perhaps over a weekend. You can choose the start and end dates of your course.

You don't have to do 4 hours a day, you could do 1 lesson a day over 8 days, 2 hours a day over 4 days and so on. This is decided by you, you decide what suits your life. Courses can even be conducted over a weekend.

This schedule is just an example as courses are designed areound college, work, university or child care. Whatever you need, just tell us and we will meet your needs.
If you have passed a Theory Test :
We will tell you the next available date for a driving test in your area, and confirm a test time when you book.
If you need to pass a Theory Test : 
We will ask for a deposit, book you the next available Theory Test and give you FREE access to Theory Test Pro so that you can study! This software comes complete with iPhone and Android Apps!

On the day of your Theory Test we will call you, and if you have passed we will book the driving element of your course with a GUARANTEED test at the end, in the area you trained in.

Course additional information : 
If you wish to use this course to finish of your driver training you will have needed to have done AT LEAST 5-10 hours of training.
How to Book : 
Please call us direct to book your intensive course on book online.

Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions before booking.